Party Cakes

Party cakes are normally smaller than wedding cakes, but often just as complex! These start at around $100 and go upwards depending on the complexity of your design.

Wedding Cakes
As a guide 2 tier wedding cakes are suitable for 40 to 70 guests and start at $325.
3 tier wedding cakes are suitable for 70 to 150 guests and start at $385.
4 tier wedding cakes are suitable for 150 to 250 guests and start at $495.

Mini Cakes

Unfortunately mini cakes aren't really the most economical alternative for a function due to the amount of time and attention each mini cake requires! However if money is no object or your function is small then they can make a real impact as well as being lovely gifts for your guests to take home. Mini cakes start at $7.50 each and end where your imagination does!

Cupcakes & Wedding Cupcakes
In general cupcakes require a certain amount of individual attention so unfortunately they aren't available at standard bakery prices! Simple wedding cupcakes start at $3.95 each. Standard cupcakes may be a little cheaper depending on the design.


Delivery usually costs around $20-$50 within the Hobart metro area - depending on the distance from the CBD.