Some common questions and answers:

How far ahead do I need to book ?
It's never too early to book - particularly for busy wedding times (October to February)

I have only vague ideas about my cake - what should I do?
Call or email me (Cathy) to discuss your ideas. If you still need help or would like to look at my large selection of cake mags, make an appointment! - I'll travel to you or meet at a mutually convenient location to go over design ideas - don't feel like you are restricted to the designs on the website!

Do you deliver to Northern areas such as Launceston?

I don't personally deliver to those areas however depending on the design of your cake, it can generally be transported safely by a Hobart based guest if you have one.

Can you ice and decorate a cake that we supply to you?
Yes I can, however, whilst it is a nice touch to have a friend or family member make the cake (or a tier of it) - particularly if it is granny's secret recipe - it will not change the price of your cake significantly (see below). Supplied cakes must also be of a minimum height and of sufficient quality to lend themselves to covering.

Why oh why are some of the cakes so expensive?
Our cakes are made with high quality ingredients however it's not the ingredients which are the major cost factor - it is the time involved in the decoration. For example, each petal on a sugar rose is hand cut and shaped. Cakes which require shaping such as 3d party cakes all need a lot of work. Even colouring icing into bright shades takes a lot of time!